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Labor Daze 2017 is our 6th fest, and promises something for everyone! Having trouble getting paid? Stop by the Alachua County Labor Coalition table and learn about the Alachua County Wage Theft Ordinance that has helped recover over $100,000 dollars for work we have done but not gotten paid for! Power bill killin’ ya? Let the Community Weatherization Coalition help you stop wasting power and pay less with their free energy audits. Win some awesome stuff in our annual Dollar Raffle! Take pics as “Rosie the Riveter” or a “Worker Eating Lunch on a Girder with the NY Skyline” in our local-artist-painted Labor Photo Op. Learn about stuff that directly affects YOU, the working people of Gainesville! There are lots of local food choices, so Eat, Drink, Be Merry, and check out our 5 Local Bands!, from Latin to Bluegrass, Jazz to Rock to Soul. Did we mention there’s a FREE Rock Wall?! (We tire out the kids so mama and daddy get to sleep in on Labor Day proper!)



Info about LAST YEAR’S Labor Daze Fest (2016):

  1.  It’s FREE! SUNDAY Sept 4th from 4-10 at the Bo Diddley Downtown Plaza.
  2. It’s family friendly, with a rock wall, hula hooping, jugglers, puppeteers, face painting, and craft table. (We tire out the kids so mom and dad can sleep in Labor Day Proper.)
  3. It is put on by Trisha Ingle (Volunteer Organizer) and her Husband James Ingle (Volunteer Fundraiser) solely with donations and sponsors. The Interview Clothes Drive is headed up by Tracy Moorman. (Volunteer-Volunteer!)
  4. ALL LOCAL! Bands are local, vendors are local. No chains, franchises, or distributorships. When you BUY LOCAL, your money STAYS LOCAL!
  5. Last year we collected over 400 items of clothing for the Labor Daze Interview Clothes closet, helping outfit hundreds of job seekers for interviews. Take business clothes to Family Treasures Thrift Shop at 710 N Main and tell them, “It’s for Labor Daze!” Vouchers and information for job seekers can be obtained at the ACRs4PEACE tent and the Alachua County Labor Coalition tent.
  6. Our Dollar Raffle always awards dozens of prizes, from food to entertainment to merchandise, but this year we have some very special prizes, like a block of 6 tickets to “Temple of Anubis,” Gainesville’s only live-action-adventure-puzzle game! And the Grand Prize for Labor Daze 5 is “Power to the People!” Presented by Gainesville’s own Mayor, Lauren Poe, (who also donated some of his own money!), Labor Daze Fest is paying one lucky winner’s power bill up to $500! (See LaborDazeFest.org for details and restrictions.)
  7. The music this year runs the gamut! “Hard Luck Society” (Americana), “Maca Reggae Samba” (Latin Jazz), “Mama Trish vs Godzilla!” (80’s-tinged-melodic-swampy-garage-pop-punk?), “Wester Joseph’s Stereo Vudu” (Funk Soul), and “the Duppies” (Ska). We guarantee you’ll like something, or your money back! (Just kidding! It’s FREE!)
  8. When was the last time you saw a politician sing? Well you can – at Labor Daze! District 21’s candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, Marihelen Wheeler, has consented (after much wheedling) to sing with Labor Daze organizer Mama Trish (AKA Trisha Ingle) on a special number at the festival. The song choice is shrouded in secrecy…
  9. There will be a troupe of “Rosie the Rafflers” traveling the festival grounds selling tickets for the Dollar Raffle. (Proceeds go to help pay for radio, print, and television ads, and all the cool free stuff we do.) Look for the ladies who look like they just stepped out of a WWII pinup poster! “We can do it!!!”
  10. Both Alachua County and City of Gainesville are sponsors of Labor Daze Fest!
  11. Labor Daze Fest is the 2nd Largest Working Class Fest in the state of Florida on the holiday weekend created to acknowledge Laborers, our sacrifices, and our achievements! “Labor Daze Fest: Celebrating the People who Make this city GO!
  12. There will be not one, but two unique photo ops at the fest. Are you a “Rosie the Riveter,” or more a “Worker on a beam high above the New York Skyline”? Heck, you can be both! Just please be sure to tag us with #LaborDazeFest or #LaborDaze so that everyone can see what a good time you’re having.
  13. Some of our vendors will be giving away FREE raffle tix (with purchase of merch, or asking the right questions of our non-profits and info and services booths.) The more booths you visit, the more chances you have to winning the Grand Prize or one of our dozens of other awesome prizes! (See “Random Coolness” page on LaborDazeFest.com for the deets.)
  14. See Community Weatherization Coalition about getting a FREE Energy Audit. It can save you money and conserve resources. It’s a win/win!
  15. Go visit the Lifesouth Bloodmobile and donate blood. Not only could you save a life, but you get a free raffle ticket for your troubles. Plus, snacks and drinks. In an air conditioned bus.
  16. Services offered at this Labor Daze Fest: Matching folks with needs up with existing services (child care, education, housing,) ACRs4PEACE will hook you up with the forms that you need and help you fill them out! The United Way offers financial, domestic, health,and disaster-related information and help, and their Reading Pals program gets kids to love to read! Community Weatherization Coalition will come do free energy audits, to help you figure out where you can save on your power bill, and can even help you fix some of your power-wasting problems! Meridian provides counseling on a sliding scale, so everyone can get the emotional support and mental healthcare they need, regardless of income! And the Alachua County Labor Coalition will help you recover wages if you haven’t been paid for work you’ve done. The Wage Theft Ordinance has recovered 45 thousand dollars in wages stolen from workers by their employers since it was passed in April of 2013. And has prevented even more wage theft! Know your rights! Know who to go to for help! Get empowered!
  17. labordazefest.org &  Facebook.com/LaborDazeFest
  18. Five bands! Food! Fun! Facts! A Freakin’ Fantastic Family-Friendly Festival!

Questions? LaborDazeFEst@gmail.com


“Power to the People!”

In addition to the many other prizes our vendors and supporters of the festival donate for our annual Dollar Raffle, this year

one lucky winner will have their power bill paid*!

(Info on Facebook and LaborDazeFest.org)

Just buy a ticket at the festival and listen up between 7 and 8 PM when Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe presents the award!

Thank you to all our supporters for making

Labor Daze Fest able to give real “Power to the People!”


* Up to $500. If power bill is less than $500,  the difference goes to putting on next year’s festival. If power bill is more than $500, winner is responsible for paying the amount over and above the $500 award. Must be present to win “Power to the People!” (All other prize certificates will be mailed to the winners regardless of their whereabouts at the time of drawing.)  Winner must provide all information to pay the bill: Name, address, power provider, and next due date. “Power to the People!” is for residential power use only, and is not transferable unless winner’s legal address on driver’s license, address on raffle ticket, and address on power bill are the same. (For example, if raffle winner’s account is in the name of their partner or roommate, if a student legally resides elsewhere but has a power bill locally, etc… Extenuating circumstances will be considered.) Labor Daze Fest is not responsible for ticket holders failing to come forward at the time of drawing. A name will be called three times, then another ticket selected and called 3 times, until a winner is determined.



It doesn’t matter what your resume’ says if you don’t have professional clothes to make a great first impression. That’s why we started The Labor Daze Interview Clothes Closet. Dressing for the job you want can give you the edge for the job you want: self-confidence!

Our last Interview Clothing Drive got over 400 items of clothing for job-seekers who put them to good use! If you have professional attire and business casual clothes you don’t need just taking up valuable closet space, take them to Family Treasures Thrift Shop at 710 N. Main St. in Gainesville. And tell them your donation is for Labor Daze Fest!

Thanks to Children’s Home Society and Tracy Moorman!

Family Treasures Thrift Shop 710 N. Main St. Gainesville