Labor Daze 2017 Line up!

Labor Daze supports the local music scene, and thanks the local music scene for supporting Labor Daze. Support Local Bands, folks!!!

Ramospinta (Latin) (lookie here!)

Boilin’ Oil (Bluegrass) (check ’em out!)

Jazzology ft. the Leonine Queen (Jazz with Soul) (here… and here!)

mama trish vs godzilla! (Crunchy, Melodic Rock) (too busy with labor daze for facebook…)

Hail! Cassius Neptune (Psychedelic Soul) (whoa, man…)

(WARNING: Shameless Self-Promotion. We are ALL For Hire, and I, Mama Trish, do a singularly  jam-up piano Christmas show.) For the person who has everything: Give the Gift of Mama Trish! Comes in all sizes and you’ll never have to go to the mall to return it…)